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Case Study #2

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Sample Case Study Assignment

1. 1. Write a case study for one of the children who is having difficulty in the classroom.

2. Develop a diagnosis, intervention and treatment plan for that student, using the five different discipline paradigms.

3. Describe the plan you will implement to begin working more effectively with the student you selected.

Excellent Case study provides clear picture of student and behavior or discipline issues; The material provides a diagnosis, intervention and treatment plan for each of the five paradigms, using terms common to the belief system; shows evidence of critical thinking -- analysis, synthesis, evaluation that is consistent with the child's brief history; consistency of thought is present, substantiates points, and has a plan that is likely to be effective.

Good: Case study is present, with details of the student issues and behaviors; addresses all five paradigms and is consistent with typical beliefs in at least three of the paradigms; shows consistency across most items, provides some justification for beliefs or identifies some of the experts and the vocabulary consistent with the philosophies; shows some evidence of reflective thinking by utilizing analysis, synthesis or evaluation statements consistent with the brief history of the student.

Marginal: Addresses some of the paradigms, states position without providing links to philosophies or schools of thought or does not show ideas consistent with paradigms; seems to show little understanding of the student chosen or issues that were described in the case history. The student will receive assistance in sharpening the case study.

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