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ESE502 : The Class : Structure : Case Study Essay

Assignment 2: Case Study Essay

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1. Use the case studies on Chris, Mike, Jameel, and Juanita, pp. 35-39 in the text (Hyman, 1997).
Choose one student and discuss:

  • how structure might contribute to a sense of well being
  • how structure is related to safety or relief

How would you empower the student in choosing to impose structure on self?


Excellent      Addresses the ideas of autonomy and heteronomy and how they are related to power and control, using terms common to the belief system; shows evidence of critical thinking -- analysis, synthesis, evaluation that is consistent with the student's brief history. Consistency of thought is present, points are substantiated and shares novel insights as a function of a personal belief system.
Good Addresses the ideas of autonomy and heteronomy and how they are related to power and control; shows consistency across most items, provides some justification for beliefs or shows some evidence of reflective thinking by utilizing analysis, synthesis or evaluation statements consistent with the student history.

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