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ESE502 : The Class : Structure : Compare & Contrast

Assignment 3: Compare and Contrast Students

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1. Compare and contrast two students who are having difficulty in the classroom. (If you do not currently teach, select a student from your time as a student, or observe in a classroom and select and observe two students.) Address how each student:

  • Gets attention
  • Keeps attention from being drawn to him or her
  • Gets his or her own way
  • Gets out of things that are unpleasant
  • Expresses anger or discomfort
  • Controls or manipulates others


Excellent     The essay compares and contrasts two students and addresses the six points, and there is clear evidence of an understanding of autonomy/heteronomy and how it impacts each student's relationships and interactions in the classroom.
Good The essay discusses characteristics of two students and addresses the six points, with evidence some of the impact that balance and how autonomy/heteronomy impacts student' relationships and interactions in the classroom.
Marginal Most of the points are discussed, but they are lists of characteristics rather than ways to draw insights from the material on balance and power. The student will receive support in sharpening the essay.

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