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ESE502 : The Class : Structure : Group Discussion

Group Assignment 1: Group Discussion

To complete this assignment successfully, you should:

  1. Study the assignment carefully
  2. Complete the assignment as directed

1. Go into the Virtual Conference Center and discuss the following questions and issues with your classmates.

  1. Share tips for structuring the classroom.

    • successful transitions
    • attention getters
    • soothers
    • interventions
    • nifty procedures

  2. List privileges in your classroom. Develop two new ways of enhancing student perception of the privilege of learning and the opportunity of being in school.

  3. Discuss ideas about power, license and responsibility with respect to children and adults.
    • Should rules apply equally to students and teachers?
    • Do we tend to have a different standards for adults and children?
      What is the justification?
    • What happens when we share control of the classroom?
      Is it like a funnel, so once we slide down, we can't get back?
      Do we lose face?

  4. What kind of structure assures respect?
    Can respect be one-sided?

  5. What ideas do you use for self soothing?
    What works for students?

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