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Explicating Norms

Review these statements for insight into personal beliefs and norms When you find a statement that epresses your needs or wishes in the classroom, you may wish to jot it down. These beliefs contribute to feeling successful or burned out as we teach. If we recognize these norms, we can work on things that don't match.

As you work to develop or refine your discipline plan, remember to review these underlying expectations and scripts. Of course, once you review these, you may also realize that your script matches the experiences you had in school rather than describing the kind of classroom you hope to have. Examining experiences and contrasting them with your vision of great teaching may help balance your discipline plan.

  • Teachers must model self control
  • Teachers are in control of the classroom
  • Teachers should be liked by students
  • Teachers need to understand themselves
  • Teachers are professionals
  • Teachers must demand and get respect
  • Teachers can and must win power struggles
  • Teachers know that parents are "the enemy"
  • Teachers need to understand children
  • Knowing the subject is what really counts
  • Teachers and students share a relationship
  • Teaching students to think is a crucial task
  • Creativity detracts from learning content
  • The school board is the enemy
  • Teachers should not admit to ignorance
  • Teachers need to be organized
  • Teachers can be a friend to students
  • The teacher models honor
  • Teachers can share opinions and ideas
  • Teachers can have fun - joie do vivre
  • Teachers need to be self disciplined
  • Teachers cannot expect peer support
  • Teachers "pour" ideas into students
  • Teachers need to like children
  • Teachers are not appreciated enough
  • Teachers are under a lot of stress
  • Teachers need to punish bad behavior
  • Teachers are social servants
  • Teachers do not apologize to students

  • The administration is responsible for educational leadership, not the teachers
  • Teachers have little power, little pay and little appreciation
  • Teachers can individualize instruction without losing rigor and content
  • Self esteem is an over-done idea which detracts from the real work of education
  • Teachers are the best judge of whether a student has learned the content
  • A good teacher knows the right answers to student questions
  • Parents are a big part of the problem

  • Students already know a great deal
  • Children have personal needs
  • Children tend to be rude
  • Children need to be taught social skills
  • Children have a short attention span
  • Children are basically lazy and sneaky
  • Children are basically self centered
  • Children learn best by good listening
  • Children can't be trusted to work together
  • There are always a couple of bad kids
  • Children can manage their time well
  • Children will cheat if given a chance
  • Children cheat because they want to win
  • Children work best when competing
  • There are many effective ways to learn
  • Children love to learn
  • Children talk too much
  • Children are too powerful
  • Homework is an essential teaching tool
  • Tests are an indispensable part of school
  • Learning is hard work
  • Children learn best when it is quiet
  • Children must be taught stewardship
  • Children lie to stay out of trouble
  • Children can take ownership for learning
  • Cooperative learning is a great school tool
  • The grading curve shows who's really learned

  • Knowing a lot is more important than understanding a little
  • Seat work , worksheets and tests are the best proof that learning occurs
  • Achievement test scores prove who is the best teacher
  • Children who present their learning through portfolios prove that learning has occurred.
  • Grade cards today are missing important areas
  • The curriculum is covering the right things, but students aren't learning as well any more
  • American education is very poor compared to other counties.
  • We are watering down our standards to get students out of school
  • A longer school year is the best answer to our current problems
  • The break-down of families is the real issue, and teachers cannot see it as their job to try to change the situation

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