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Self Survey on Self Control

Control implies strength. It may be difficult to discipline personal needs to gratify the needs of others. At times, group work reminds us of unresolved issues at home, or needs that are pressing that we have not been able to fulfill. Thus balance requires strength, will power, determination, selflessness. Try this assessment on self control. There are no right or wrong answers, and it may provide a sense of some of the issues involved in self control. Feel free to keep the information and your ideas private, share our thoughts with group members at WebCT or email the teacher.

Self Control Survey

Fill in the word that describes a normal or usual feeling or behavior

A = Rarely
B = Occasionally
C = Often
D = Usually
  1. When faced with a problem I __________ try to forget it.
  2. I __________ need frequent encouragement from others for me to keep working at a difficult task.
  3. I __________ someone else to praise my work before I am satisfied with it.
  4. If I want something, I _________ work hard to get it.
  5. I __________ want to have a say in any decisions made by the group.
  6. I __________ decide to do things on the spur of the moment.
  7. I __________ like tasks where I can make decisions and be responsible for the outcomes.
  8. I __________ have a hard time saying "NO" when someone tries to sell me something.
  9. I __________ make up my mind to stop doing something and stick with it.
  10. I __________ find myself turning to others for help in losing weight or controlling habits.
  11. I __________ find myself caught up in things I wish I weren't doing.
  12. I __________ lose my temper with strangers.
  13. I __________ wish I could change things I did while angry.
  14. I __________ prefer to learn facts from someone else rather than digging them out for myself.
  15. I __________ enjoy trying to do difficult tasks more than I enjoy trying to do easy tasks.



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