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Preventive Discipline

As we explore discipline issues and advances in classroom management, this statement by Jerome Bruner comes to mind:

    If a student is off task, ask yourself, what is wrong with the task?
Many students have differing learning styles, strengths in the less highly valued or easily tested kinds of intelligences or learn in ways that do not mesh with our school curriculum, testing or grading expectations. Since so much of the student's life is based on success in school, those who have difficulty learning, or find learning too easy or lacking challenge, tend to cause difficulty in classrooms.

One of the most powerful ways to prevent discipline problems is curriculum that fits each student's level of ability. It helps if the majority of tasks also fit students' interests and styles of learning. Active, hands-on learning is also an important part of building a curriculum that promotes learning and prevents discipline problems.

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ONLINE READING 1: Teaching Tool for Preventive Displine

ONLINE READING 2: Preventing Discipline Issues Through a Systems Approach

ONLINE READING 3: Teaching and Learning: Embracing a New Vision

ONLINE READING 4: Teaching Roles

ASSIGNMENT 1: Preventive Discipline - Behavior

WEB ACTIVITY 1: Web Search: Interrelatedness of Roles and Content

ASSIGNMENT 2: Teaching Roles

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