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Issues and Answers for Adolescents

The issues that confront educators and parents of teens is time honored. Teens are vulnerable, excitable, in the midst of growing. Sometimes physical development can increase their feet a shoe size, add as much as 3/4 of an inch to their height over night.

Physical growth is not the only important arena for awareness of change. Parents and teachers may become more important than ever to student emotional and social health. Many adults do not realize how valuable their support is. Since the role switches so dramatically, many do not recognize the new forms of mentoring and facilitating that will give youth the structure that is vital to successfully navigating the teen years.

There are many theories about the role of teacher and parent. Rather than legislate one way, an annotated list of sites is included in this reading. Some are excellent for adults and some are geared toward youth. Remember to keep track of readings on your point chart

To help other students find valuable resources, you can post any of your favorite links or sites at the VCC. New annotated links can be valued at 25 points each..


Dr. Zuan's Depression Central This is a very professional resource describing many forms of depression, how it comes to be and how to help and treat those who have it. This also includes a roundtable discussion.

Depression This is a resource for anyone who is suffering from depression. It is updated daily and delves into many issues. It is a positive presentation.

Teen suicide fact sheet. This page focuses on gay and lesbian teen suicide. It does not give a broad picture but is sensitive to the issues surrounding homosexuality and teens.


Divorce This is a simplistic discussion of divorce and may be targeted to a younger than teen perspective.

Single Parents This is a parent focused page that provides insightful ways of successfully and safely talking about divorce.

Eating Disorders

Anorexia This is a reference page that provides many links to organizations, personal pages, chatrooms and provides personal stories. It includes examples of males and females who are involved in the disorder and some of the effects to their lives..

Eating disorders This is a reference page that begins with statistics and then provides web resources.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure This is a short discussion of peer pressure focused at teens.

Teen issues This focuses on teen pressure in sexual matters and speaks to the teen, helping them to see other options.

Substance Abuse

Another empty bottle This is a reference page that is very resource rich. It presents material to younger as well as older youngsters, has a java based chat room and a search engine. It not only offers support to teens who might be drinking, it also provides support for children of alcoholics.

Drug free America A great resource that describes drugs, age of first use and damage done by the substances. It is very clear, concise and well detailed.

Medical Information about Substance Abuse This is an annotated list of web sites with a wide range of appeal.

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information This site provides a link to research information on substance abuse.

National Institute on Drug Abuse This is a complex site that includes teaching materials, areas for youth, parents and the general public. It contains levels of sophistication that include in-depth medical updates, yet also provides a game for children to play.

Substance Abuse Intervention Program at Wright State Medical School This links to the Wright State University Medical site. It has several links and general information on a wide range of substance abuse related topics.

Tobacco This is a web resource for youth that provides the anti-use campaign approach.

Treatment The Keystone organization provides help to teens with substance abuse problems.

Web of Addictions This site leads to additional links about substance abuse.

Teen Pregnancy

Ask NOAH about Pregnancy NOAH covers sex and pregnancy from A-Z, Qualitative and quantitative information is included as well as references

The Cannylink Site It is is an easy-to- use reference with links to additional sites and organizations.

About health This site focuses on teen AIDS issues in a magazine format. It seems especially geared to younger teens and as an initial introduction to the topic.

Campaign for our Children This provides information about childbearing and provides links to additional sites..

A-Z for Teens by Yahoo Teen home page a listing of numerous teen centered links

If you find additional links or subjects to share you can post them in the VCC.

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