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Assignment: Critical Thinking

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The following list provides examples of how the study of development can enhance school practice. Each broad statement makes a point, and then offers an example. Please provide your own example for each of the seven statements and a short paragraph to explain each answer.

Statements about Development
1. Apply a developmental framework to understand behavior. Children are property, and are to be seen and not heard.
2. Identify the sociohistorical, cultural contexts that influence children's development. Children are more violent today because of the influence of television.
3. Apply developmental concepts to enhance personal adaptations. Mary, a student with Downs syndrome, talks to unseen people. And the teacher believes she may be hallucinating. The psychologist knows that in many respects, Mary is behaving like a child of four and recognizes that Mary is actually speaking to an imaginary friend.
4. Pursue alternative explanations to more fully understand children's development. The classroom teacher uses the PEPSI model to do a case study for Dom since he can't understand the sudden outbursts and temper flares that periodically send Dom into a rage.
5. Evaluate the quality of conclusions and strategies about children's development. The child study team has a meeting to discuss Lynn's placement and IEP. One teacher wants to review findings using a developmental framework.
6. Engage in perspective taking to better understand children's development How do you believe Tammy's mother views these actions? What are her goals for Tammy?
7. Demonstrate appreciation of individual differences in children's development. I don't think we should make a referral to special education yet. Frank does have reversals in his work, but he is only in second grade.

- adapted from Santrock, (1998) p. 25

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