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Review of Readings on Adolescence

Read the chapters on development in the Rice text . Review the PEPSI charts that provide a summary of the development process for early and late adolescence. As a way of synthesizing your readings, develop an essay that:
  • Gives the pros and cons of looking at and trying to address the development of the whole child. How can a teacher blend content and the needs of the individual child. Should we expect it? If education ignores the mandate, is there someone who will provide care?

  • Is a clear understanding of the whole child or teen an example of a parent right and responsibility? Do teachers bear any responsibility or have any rights with respect to helping a child mature? Is this an individual vs. society issue? If all areas but intellect belong to the family, what would the curriculum look like?

  • We are testing intellectual progress and reporting that to the nation. Is that because we have no right to other domains? Is it because we don't know how to test other areas of development? Do report cards address areas of development other than cognitive? If not, how might we reflect our work with other areas of the child? Are there distinct developmental differences that makes it more appropriate to address some areas of of growth with teens and other areas of growth with younger students?

Excellent   Lists and addresses the pros and cons, shows evidence of critical thinking -- analysis, synthesis, evaluation with consistency of thought is present, substantiates points in a systematic manner in the summary paragraph, addresses parts a, b, and c in a cogent and thoughtful manner; may provide examples to back up points.
Good Addresses the questions and is consistent with expression of beliefs; shows consistency across most items, provides some justification for beliefs or identifies some of the experts and the vocabulary consistent with the point of view shows some evidence of reflective thinking by utilizing analysis, and may have the appearance of emerging thinking about ways that education and development impact each other.
Marginal States a position without providing justification or rational argument; ideas lack consistency or seem hastily gathered and presented. The student will receive assistance in sharpening the essay.

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