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Social and Cultural Impacts - Adolescent

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Social and Culture Impact on Development of Adolescents

Assignment Six

Read pages 412-469 in the Rice text. Choose and complete one of the following assignments.

By adolescence, the counter culture or sub culture takes on a great deal of power. Although some youngsters seem to escape peer pressure due to life circumstances that find them taking on an adult role, most are engaged in moving through a series of life choices. They will face some of these issues and the power of peers will impact many of the choices.


Part time employment
School options
Vocational choices
Driving and transportation
Sexual activity and intimacy
Adolescent pregnancy or parenting
Forms of prestige
Financial and social class divisions
Appearance and clothing choices
Adolescent Issues

The following chart suggests one way that esteem needs may contribute the feelings of alienation and isolation.


    Forms of Alienation

    Status offenses
    Running away
    Drug and substance abuse Tobacco, inhalant use
    Gang membership


  1. Use Erikson's theory to explain adolescent behavior to an imaginary parent group, meeting at the high school for support and to increase understanding of teens. Be sure to address the issues these parents are likely to need help understanding.

  2. Do an autobiographical sketch of your own teen age years or a biographical sketch of a sibling as an adolescent. If you wish, compare and contrast your movements through high school. For insight, ask a parent to give you recollections of your teen years, what they recall and they kinds of thoughts or concerns they had. This assignment will probably take 4-5 pages. Address as many of the issues as you find pertinent. If you are the parent of an adolescent, you may even want to compare and contrast between your life experiences and parent recollections and those you are facing from the perspective of a parent.

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