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Final Exam

Development Module - Adolescence

Final Exam: Choose one of the following activities.

1. Develop an annotated bibliography containing at least ten articles or books that might help parents, other teachers or school board members to better understand the challenges and emerging solutions with respect to teen issues. Please submit the references in APA style. Remember to include a precis of each notation.

2. Develop a 2-3 page outline of a mock grant that could be submitted to the Juvenile Justice Grant Office, Detail how the community and school might work together to enhance the experiences of adolescents in your town and at your school. Address substance abuse issues, sexually transmitted diseases, drop-out prevention, teen pregnancy, gang membership, runaways, violence and crime.

3. Develop a 2-3 page outline of a mock grant that could be submitted to a funding agency. In the grant, suggest ways that the school could optimize and support the well-being of youngsters who are working to enhance the community. Include ways to capitalize on strengths, to give positive publicity for service and day to day contributions in addition to heroic actions.

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