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Chat Assignment: Suggested Topics

These suggested topics provide an opening for discussing adolescence with others. If other ideas or questions are more vital or catch your attention, feel free to address them rather than those listed.

  1. Find a chat room at NAU, on the web, or go to WebCT and open a discussion question.
  2. Share insights or questions about the adolescent condition. Feel free to share personal experiences.
  3. Work to see this as an exposition of questions -- seeking to enrich and bring texture to questions rather than finding a specific answer. When we look for facts, we look for one answer; when we discuss the human condition, we often add questions and deepen the puzzle rather than finding simple answers.
  4. Work to accept ambivalence and paradox as a vital part of human science.

Suggested topics

  1. Talk about how research informs teaching and times that it enhances best practice. Do some of the forms work more effectively? --grounded theory, ethnography, case studies, experimental designs?.

  2. How do siblings or placement in the family contribute to the adolescent experience?

  3. Personal belief system with respect to development.

  4. What did you learn from your observations? Was there are marked difference in the different types of observation? Did you find one age intriguing?

  5. Discussion about assignments.
Two good links for teacher chats on research are

If you find a great place, be sure and share it with others in the course.

Try these two sites. I found them interesting and informative.

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