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Module 4



To complete this Topic successfully, please read the Rice text and the online readings. Then choose to complete the assignments that will complement your knowledge base and support your goals.

TEXTBOOK READING: Rice, F. P. (1999).The Adolescent: Development, relationships, and culture Needham Heights, MA: Allyn and Bacon (ISBN 0-205-27617-2)

ON-LINE LESSON: PEPSI for Early Adolescents

ON-LINE LESSON: Proclamation of Well-Being

ON-LINE LESSON: PEPSI for Late Adolescents

ON-LINE LESSON: Issues and Answers for Teaching Adolescents

ON-LINE LESSON: Teaching and Learning: Visions for High School Teachers

ON-LINE LESSON: Adolescence and Gifted: Addressing Existential Dread

ASSIGNMENT 1: Critical Thinking

ASSIGNMENT 2: PEPSI Reading Response

ASSIGNMENT 3: Guidelines for the Observations of Youngsters

ASSIGNMENT 4: Research - Adolescent

ASSIGNMENT 5: Observations - Adolescent

ASSIGNMENT 6: Stimulation Needs- Adolescent

ASSIGNMENT 7: Social and Cultural Impacts - Adolescent

GROUP ASSIGNMENT in the WebCT: Suggested Topics

WEB ACTIVITY 1: Research in Human Science


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