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Advanced Development Modules

Directions: Choose one of these three activities to bring closure to this module.

I. Develop a board game that illustrates the process of supporting a youngster from screening to ideal educational support. Remember to include the different roles that team members play in the course of the IEP Game.



II. Describe a mock case study exploring the special education experiences of a family using single subject design.

  1. Method of gathering data
  2. Community
  3. Timelines
  4. Research questions - why no hypothesis?
  5. Personal biases and grounding
  6. Plan for collating and harvesting data
  7. Format for reporting findings

III. Make an annotated timeline showing the factors that impacted the education of students with special needs. Include laws, court cases, educational initiatives and reforms in education.


IV. Develop a tool for surveying opinions in a school setting with respect to inclusion.


  1. Ethical considerations
  2. Exploratory question
  3. Method for conducting survey
    1. If interview, who will do it and what are the questions
    2. If hand delivered, anonymity
    3. If mailed or placed in boxes, how to assure high response returns

  4. Field testing of initial questions
  5. Format for reporting findings

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