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Chat Assignment: Suggested Topics

Chat Room Discussions for chats to take place, several students must agree to meet at the same time. For some students, the chat room is less appealing than posting a comment on a board and then reading it later -- sometimes getting a response several days later.

A fairly new way to chat is between partners. If you have Netscape Navigator as your browser, you may be able to get a buddy system. By loading up Netscape 4.6 it is automatically included. It allows you to choose people who you want to know about. When they are on the web, it lets you know so you can open a dialogue with them. It also lets them know that you are on the web when your computer connects to the web.

If you would like to try the buddy system, contact me by email and I will set up buddy assignments - or let you know who else would like to participate in this activity. It is worth 100 points to get the system up and running and experiment with this idea.


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