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Web Activity Case Studies in Human Science

Focus: What about case studies as a form of research?

Is a case study any more or less reliable than the experimental model?

In the case study method, does one rely on quantitative data --

Yes, it is possible to experiment, to measure, to quantify.

How is case study data different?

We do not need to compare one student to others in a group, to make random selections of others as a part of our inquiry.

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Education makes frequent changes. Many of the reforms are based on ideas with little factual basis for implementation. Others are based on thoughts generated by previous best practice or research. If your school wishes to make changes, it is critical to be able to gather and analyze the kind of data that drives the new ideas, and approach the implementation, whether it is a plan for a single youngster, or a whole program, with a clear idea of what to expect, what has worked in the past, and what barriers others encountered. Sometimes research will give us that solid foundation. Sometimes the results are not so clear.

Case studies can provide solid information about one child - and in special education, that is desireable. During the past fifty years, case studies have been quite popular in anthropology. Sociologists and those in applied fields of psychology - for instance therapy - also relied on case studies. You probably have an opinion, based on your own experiences, about the value of this form of inquiry.

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Sources for case study research

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Excellent: Review the course links, find at least five additional links and write an essay of 200-500 words describing the critical points in doing case study or naturalistic research.

Satisfactory: Review the course links, find a couple of additional links and describe or define case study research.

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