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Social and Cultural Impacts

This is a picture of kindergarten children in China

Social and Culture Impact on Development of School Age Youngsters

Assignment Six

. Read pages 557-593 in the Santrock text.

Prepare a case study on a youth who is not from the majority culture, nor from your own background. Develop a list of the questions you will ask in order to gain a clear understanding of the child's world view. This will include questions that are developmentally appropriate, that do not cross the child's right to privacy, and yet gain a flavor of who the child is, what life is like, and some clarity about the cultural influences.

Now interview a child of the dominant culture or your own cultural upbringing, asking many of the same questions and looking for similarities and differences in the two world views.

Prepare a 1-2 page essay that compares and contrasts the two worlds. Bring some perspective to the family patterns, cultural values and environmental circumstances that affect the child's development. Complete the assignment by submitting the case study, interview and essay. Feel free to include any insights or points gained but not asked for in this assignment.

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