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Test Your Prior Knowledge

To complete this assignment successfully, you should:

1. Self test on the terms

2. Read definitions carefully and check for depth of understanding.

3. Respond to the requests at the end of the glossary.

Directions: The following list of words or glossary includes important concepts in human development. Print out the page and try filling in the definition, and then click on the ANSWER link at the bottom of the page to bring up the answer.

If many of these words are unfamiliar to you, browsing through a few of the books listed in the annotated bibliography will get you excited about the available information on how children grow and learn, and the maturity process. Child Development goes hand in hand with teaching. The more you learn about children, the more exciting and fulfilling the time spent together becomes.

Accommodation -

Adolescence -

Aggression -

Altruism -

Androgyny -

Aptitude -

Assimilation -

Attitude -

Attribution -

Autonomy - Heteronomy -

Babbling -

Birth order -

Catharsis -

Conformity -

Consciousness -

Conservation -

Critical Period -

Defense mechanism -

Displacement -

Drive -

Egocentrism -

Emotion -

Empathy -

Gender -

Gender Identity -

Genes -

Homeostasis -

Identification -

Imprinting -

Insight -

Instinct -

Intelligence -

Intelligence - Crystalized -

Intelligence - Fluid -

Intelligence - General -

Language -

Learned helplessness -

Learning -

Locus of control -

Maturation -

Modeling -

Motivation -

book image 1

Nature/nurture -

Norms -

Projection -

Rationalization -

Reaction formation -

Regression -

Repression -

Role -

Rooting reflex -

Scapegoating -

Self control -

Self efficacy -

Self esteem -

Sensitive period -

Sexual characteristics - Primary -

Sexual characteristics - Secondary -

Shaping -

Social Clock -

Stranger Anxiety -

Sublimation -

Subliminal -

Traits -


You have reviewed some of the most basic concepts in understanding human nature and child development. The following chart provides a sense of how grounded you are in this material. It is not a grade and not a measure of ability to do well in this course.

Familiar with: 40-62 terms You are well grounded in the material. Consider taking the more advanced, application course.

Click here to review that option.

30-40 terms You know many of the words that describe the study of human development. You may wish to take the more advanced course once you have reviewed this material.

1 -29 terms You can really enjoy this module, since it will explore the basic ideas about human nature from a developmental perspective.

Please send the pretest score along with five terms you learned through reviewing the material. In addition, please list five words you plan to add to your understanding.

If you would like to read about child development, click here for a list of excellent books about the subject.



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