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My Autobiography

Composition One - "My autobiography"

Directions: Please write a personal piece. It can represent your life in a linear fashion, rather like a time line, or be more episodic. Work for a "flavor" of who you are. It may make it easier to think of the audience as a young person who might come across this piece and want to know a little of who you were,rather like a piece to put in the family history.


Excellent - 500 to 1000 words, well organized, portrays a person, examples shared, cogent perspective advanced, leaves reader with a sense of kinship or empathy.

Good - 500 words, organized, several points offered, addressed the question.

Marginal - Length is under 500 words, skirts the question rather than discussing it, few or no examples provided, may be missing sense of personalization or lack depth of characterization, or may not address the assignment; misses the point. The student will receive assistance in sharpening the essay.

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