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My Most Memorable Teacher

Directions: Please write a personal piece. It can represent a year of your school life, rather like a time line, or be more episodic. Work for a "flavor" of what happened to you while with this teacher, or perhaps, think of it rather like a children's book, especially if it was a positive experience. Feel free to be creative, and even to illustrate it or have youngsters in your classes make illustrations and read the story to them. It might even be a good assignment for your students.


Excellent - Evidence of critical thinking exists in the composition, consistency of theme is present, possesses a personal feeling, and creativity highly desirable.

Good - Addresses the questions, shows consistency across most items, provides justification for position and shows some evidence of reflective thinking and creative energy.

Marginal - States recollections briefly or in a cursory manner, with little evidence of deep thought or creativity. The student will receive assistance in sharpening the essay and developing a creed.

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