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Reading Response:

"Teaching the Whole Child"

Read "Teaching the whole child". Write an editorial response to the material, listing 6-10 ways that education would be different if we followed these ideas (click to see a sample list). List barriers to this type of teaching. Develop a summary paragraph that captures the essence of your critique of the ideas. It may be a scathing rebuttal or a platform for launching personal ideas about educational reform.


Excellent - Lists and addresses the pros and cons, shows evidence of critical thinking -- analysis, synthesis, evaluation with consistency of thought is present, substantiates points in a systematic manner in the summary paragraph.

Good - Addresses the question and is consistent with expression of beliefs; shows consistency across most items, provides some justification for beliefs or identifies some of the experts and the vocabulary consistent with the point of view; shows some evidence of reflective thinking by utilizing analysis, and may have the appearance of emerging thinking about ways that education might be improved.

Marginal - States a position without providing justification or rational argument; ideas lack consistency or seem hastily gathered and presented. The student will receive assistance in sharpening the essay.

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