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Intellectual / Cognitive

  1. What subjects today lent themselves to higher order questions?

  2. What was the percentage of questions for each of the six levels?

  3. Was it the teacher or students who asked the most questions?

  4. Which questions were most difficult to answer?

  5. Did the types of questions asked set the tone for the type of answers received?

  6. Were there any questions asked that didn't have an answer?

  7. Did it seem as though any of the students felt the need to save face if she/he didn't know the answer?

  8. Which activities generated the most higher order thinking and action?
    lecturing students and giving facts

  9. How many of the questions led to deeper questions and more intense learning?

  10. Now that you have focused on higher order thinking, spend some time together in group work. Choose a subject and write a series of questions that represents the Bloom hierarchy.

  11. Can younger children ask and answer synthesis questions?

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