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  1. Where did you find yourself on the list of reasons for education?

  2. Ask those who observed different grades about their findings.

  3. See if the group can come up with the grade levels when the majority of students advanced in their philosophical understanding about education.

  4. Should anything be done to advance these students' perceptions?

  5. What would you list?

  6. Is education a service?

  7. If it is a service, is it important to have the general public advance?

  8. How would that be done?

  9. Would a student's reasons for non-compliance or misbehavior be influenced by their philosophical level of reasoning?

  10. Can you think of times when these developmental ideas were addressed in your education?

  11. What will you do to assist students to develop philosophically?

  12. What might the school district do? Who would do it?

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