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Fifth Year

Teaching Respect for self and others

Age 5


Large muscle coordination is a major domain of interest and concern for the child with small muscle and pincer control work taking much effort and only beginning with the majority of children.

Jumping, running, skating, tumbling, throwing and kicking large balls, seem compelling and exciting for many children.

Child usually has good control over toileting and elimination but has accidents and can get confused about the origin or body needs associated with gas, stomach aches, constipation

Frequent colds and illnesses may accompany exposure to more children, the onset of stress as school demands increase and a more rigid structure is imposed.

Aches and pains may increase - especially psychosomatic and stress related issues - headaches, stomach aches, leg aches

Hypersensitivity to "little" hurts increases--pulled hair, blisters, scrubbed face


Initiative vs. Guilt Shows interest in initiating activities and participating in tasks for the sake of working and being involved

Shows interest and enjoyment in working together to do a task

Very stable 9-12 months for most children

Fears recede and are more of contentment

Feels and expresses a sense of contentment

Enjoys working with others rather than competing

Enjoys adult company - and bonds with a warm teacher

Closer with mother during this time period

Very verbal in describing needs and ideas


Basic stage of heteronomy with child still pre-moral.

Is good because wants to be, desires approval, praise and enjoys conforming

Derives pleasure from being perceived as "good" and loves being labeled helpful

Tends to exaggerate and get involved in flights of fancy

Behaviors such as lying, cheating and taking things may increase; often related to the child's desire to be seen as good coupled with a slower growth in self control over desires

Bosses others as a part of own blossoming desire to be good

Enjoys learning to see the distinctions between really and fooling or pretending

Child is just beginning to see "others" as having different needs and ideas.


parents, sibs, extended family
Teacher may be ideal
Friends take on some importance

Generally friendly and helpful, enjoying the interactions with others

Likes to assume fair and reasonable responsibility though may need some reminding and help

Enjoys playing house and assuming and playing adults roles

Enjoys play which puts them in adult helping roles -- mom, dad, fireman, mailman

Begins to value and show a sense of modesty

Generally friendly and not overly demanding of others

Tends toward gentler play rather than aggression


Intuitive stage - child begins to acquire a mode to deal with integration of different view points from own

Greatest successes still come from using the right hemisphere, intuitive processing

Attention span increase

Enjoys utilizing skills to manage self and help self -- dressing, cleaning, bathing, etc.

Enjoys role learning - counting, naming, opposites, body parts, etc. and may be ready to begin decoding

Initiates organizing by planning and follow through

Practice of logical, spatial and temporal integration is a viable teaching arena

Concepts tend to be piece meal rather than integrated


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