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ESE504 : The Class : PEPSI : Observe and Reflect

PEPSI Observations

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When an educational system is content oriented, we tend to look at teacher behavior and measure progress in mastery of content. This tells us a great deal about the teacher, and much of our data about good teaching comes from observing teacher behavior. What if we wanted to know about how effective children find a classroom setting? We could look at scores on achievement tests, but again, we are attending to content.

When a classroom is a systemic blend of teacher, student and content, we begin to look more closely at what students are doing. In this assignment, you will be looking at students and the interaction of student and teacher to learn more about development. The five areas to observe and reflect upon are: physical, emotional, philosophical, social and intellectual, or PEPSI.

1. To get the most out of this assignment, plan to observe and reflect on each of the five PEPSI areas. Each observation, which takes about one hour, is worth 50 points, and each reflection is worth an additional 50 points.

You may choose to report your observations, reflections and synthesis of the experiences in the dialogue box, discuss findings in WebCT and email the number of points you acquire, or share your insights with the instructor and peers.


2. Enter findings from your second observation and reflection here.

3. If you observed and reflected in a third PEPSI area, enter your experiences or conclusions here.


4. Either discuss your findings on a fourth PEPSI area, or tally points. Feel free to share suggestions on changes to the observation forms, specific grade level concerns that might sharpen the experience for others and insights gained through this exercise.

Remember, if you do not have an opportunity to observe in a classroom, you can do so in a family setting, in a department store, grocery store, or community park.

The objective of the assignment is to sharpen awareness of the different kinds of developmental data that we tend to overlook and add to your acuity during child-adult interactions.


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Once you have filled in the areas above, click the Send button below to send your response to the instructor. If you wish to send the first observation and reflection before going on to the second set, you may wish to send the additional observations and reflections via E-mail, noting the assignment. For example, 2nd PEPSI observation and reflection


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