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The NAU interns will betaking 13 credit hours through the SITE program. The hours are divided in the 3 hour courses and one hour of practicum. The practicum credit hour is composed of a minimum of 45 contact hours. Inters will schedule these hours with their individual mentor teachers. We have suggested Mondays and Wednesdays as preferred times for practicum hours, however; the schedule is primary determined by the intern and the mentor teacher.

Four 3 hour credit courses:

  1. ECI 322/522 Curriculum for Secondary Teachers on Sedona Campus
  2. ECI 350/525 Structured English Immersion on NAU Campus
  3. ECI 450/ 540 Methods for Secondary Teaching on NAU Campus
  4. ECI 465/565 Assessment of Learning on NAU Campus

One (1) hour practicum;
  1. ECI 308/508 Teaching Practicum on Sedona Campus

Tentative Schedule

There are several choices for the course schedule of SITE students. Please see the registration information to choose your schedule. Also, call or e-Mail Jean Ann Foley for course advisement. (928-523-6998 or e-mail

For the practicum, SITE students typically choose to do 3 hours a week on Wednesday afternoons for 10 weeks plus two full days with their assigned mentor teacher in their content area at Sedona Red Rock High School. However, other options are available through coordinating with their mentor teacher.

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