Birtwhistle, (Sir) Harrison. Gawain. 2 acts. Libretto by David Harsent. Premiere: Covent Garden, London, May 30, 1991.

An opera based on the medieval poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. It is quite expressive and lyrical, with Gawain and the Green Knight being presented in very heroicform.
Chausson, (Amedee-) Ernest. Le Roi Arthus. 3 acts. Libretto by Ernest Chausson. Premiere: Theater de la Monnaie, Brussels, November 30, 1903.

This, the only opera completed by Chausson, reflects the composer's admiration for Richard Wagner. The theme is the love between Lancelot and Guinevere, and Arthur's reaction to it.
Lerner, Alan Jay. Camelot. Music by Frederick Lowe. Album: 1960.

The soundtrack of the Broadway musical based on White's The Once and Future King. Itwas made into a movie in 1967.
Purcell, Henry. King Arthur. 5 acts. Libretto by John Dryden. Premiere: Queen's Theater, Dorset Garden, London, c. late May to early June, 1691.

Dryden wrote this musical play based on Geoffrey's Historia with the intention of showing itfor the 25th anniversary of Charles II's Restoration. Purcell, however, later added the musicthat made this one of the most popular and enduring pieces of Arthurian music.
Wagner, Richard. Parsifal. 3 acts. Libretto by Richard Wagner. Premiere: Festspielhaus, Bayreuth, July 26, 1882.

The Grail legend is brought to the stage in an opera in which Wagner uses the music itself totell the story of Perceval's quest.
---. Tristan und Isolde. 3 acts. Libretto by Richard Wagner. Premiere: Konigliches Hof-UN Nationaltheater, Munich, June 10, 1865.

A condensed version of Gottfried's Tristan story, this opera tells in a quite dramatic way thetraditional Tristan story.
Wakeman, Rick. The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Album: 1975.

Wakeman goes over the top in his attempt to produce a "rock classic." Here he uses a fullorchestra and a 50-person choir to produce a tale of Arthur's kingdom.

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