Lab Performance Contract

Certain aspects of chemistry instructional labs are performance based. Proper preparation, use of equipment, lab techniques, awareness/adherence to safety procedures/rules, understanding of concepts/calculations, and honest work are essential to a successful lab experience. You will be evaluated by your TA in many or all of these areas. Ask your TA or instructor if you are unclear about any of the requirements.  Please read, initial, and then sign and date the following contract:

Lab Preparation:  In order to safely and effectively conduct laboratory work you must prepare in advance. Please initial the following statements:

·         I will carefully read the experiment and related material in advance of the lab period an experiment is to be started. _________(please initial)

·         I will complete any required pre-lab work such as pre-lab questions, loncapa work, risk assessment (hazards & precautions), and/or outlining the experimental procedure before the lab period on the experiment starting date listed in the syllabus. _________(please initial)

Points will be deducted for poor or no preparation or given for consistent excellent preparation.

Safety:  Working safely is critical. Being aware of safety hazards for each experiment, following proper precautions, and knowing what to do in case of an emergency are essential. All videos listed below are provided in your Bb Learn space under: Chemistry Instructional Labs and Lab Safety

·         I have read and understand the safety information in the introduction of the lab manual or the safety material posted on the instructional labs homepage and will follow all the safety guidelines listed there. _________(please initial)

·         I have viewed the MSDS video in the past 3 years and will review any MSDS material as needed for an experiment. _________(please initial)

·         I have completed the MSDS tutorial/quiz and submitted the completion certificate to my TA in the last 3 years. _________(please initial)

·         Viewing the video tape on “Safety Shower/Eyewash Use” in the last 3 years is required for CHM152L students and higher. I have viewed this tape if required. _________(please initial)

·         Viewing of the fume hood video is required for CHM 235L or all other upper division labs at least once in the last 3 years. I have viewed this tape if required. _________(please initial)

·         I will properly prepare for each lab experiment by writing a risk assessment of all chemical or other hazards and list any needed precautions. _________(please initial)

·         I will wear proper eye protection, usually goggles, at all times while in lab unless the TA or instructor indicate otherwise. _________(please initial)

·         I will follow safe lab techniques and use hazardous waste bottles properly at all times. _________(please initial)

·         I will immediately report chemicals spills to my TA and will then clean them up if directed to do so by my TA. _________(please initial)

·         I will use fume hoods properly, clean my work areas in the hoods, and close the hood window (sash) when work in them is complete_________(please initial).

·         I will never bring food or drinks into a lab area_________(please initial)

·         I will remove gloves and wash hands before exiting a lab_____(please initial)

·         I will not use personal electronic devices (such as cell phones, mp3 players, ear buds, etc) in lab to avoid chemical contamination and other safety issues_________(please initial).

·         I will keep my lab stool out of the way by pushing it underneath the lab bench or hood (in organic labs) when I’m not sitting in it_________(please initial).

I understand repeat or major violations will result in major point deductions and/or permanent removal from the lab course_________(please initial). Points will be earned for consistently outstanding safety behavior.

Use of Equipment and Lab Techniques:  Proper use of lab equipment and performance of lab techniques are part of the essential objectives of every lab course. Points can be lost or gained for poor or consistently excellent work. All equipment must be used correctly especially the following:

·         I will use balances correctly. This includes never pouring over the balance, only placing clean and dry containers on the balance and immediately cleaning up any spills in the area of the balance _________ (please initial).

·         I will use pipettors correctly at all times. This includes always pointing the attached pipet tip down and removing the tip when not using the pipettor ________ (please initial)

·         I will get instruction from the TA or instructor before use of major lab instrumentation ________ (please initial)

·         I will wipe down my work areas with a clean, damp sponge when done with lab work and then rinse out the sponge every lab period_________ (please initial).

·         I will clean all glassware used during the lab period by using soap as needed and rinsing several times with warm tap water and once with RO or distilled water (and never put dirty glassware in my workstation or locker) every lab period_________(please initial). Note: Use the RO water tap for filling your wash bottle.

·         Hot objects can damage some lab bench surfaces. I will never put hot objects on the bench top and will instead place hot objects on the ring stand base or white hot pads provided ________(please initial)

·         I will ensure my workstation locker and space is complete, neat and clean at the end of each lab period and that there is no extra equipment in my locker or student material storage space (151L & 152L). I understand points will be taken off for extra equipment found in my locker drawer or storage space. My locker, storage space, and/or workstation will be clean and complete with no chemicals or unknown vials at semester's end. I will replace any glassware I break at the chemistry stockroom (this will be billed to me).  I will never remove glassware from another student's workstation, locker, or student material storage space (151L & 152L) and understand that I will be penalized with a large point deduction or I will be asked to drop the lab course if this does happen. _________ (please initial).

Data Collection, Calculations, and Concepts:  As data is collected you will be required to immediately record data directly on a report sheet or lab notebook in pen, label it, and use units as needed. Never erase or obliterate data. Before turning in unknown report sheets, lab notebooks, reports, or other work I will make backup copies in case of the rare instance that something is lost (there is a place in  the CHM151L lab manual at the end of each experiment for key data and results). If work is lost I will be required to do the work over if there is no backup. I understand these requirements and understand that points will be deducted for improper data collection. I will also master core concepts and calculations for this lab and understand that failure to do so will result in point deductions ________ (please initial).

Academic Honesty:  By signing below, I agree to the following:

·         I will cite sources in my lab reports.

·         Unless directed by the lab manual, instructor, or TA, I will not (1) copy pre or post lab work, data, calculations, answers, reports, or other material from another student's work, (2) use another student's unknown, or (3) provide another student with this material.

·         I understand that verified instances of such behavior will be penalized by receiving partial or no credit on the item in question, and I will not be given a chance to improve my score. A record of this incident will be reported to the Chair of the Chemistry Department and to the Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. More serious or repeated violations can result in receiving an F for the course and ultimately expulsion from the university. Signature_________________________

I will follow the policies listed in this contract and understand that failure to adhere to the above requirements can result in loss of points in the course (1-30 points per occurrence) and in particularly grievous violations removal for the day or permanent remove from the lab course with a failing grade. Excellent performance can be rewarded with points.


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