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Please click on the experiment you are working on to do a calculation check.  As you enter calculated values they may be checked as you enter them or there will be a check button that you can click on to make sure there are no errors in your calculations. If there are errors, a window or status box will tell you where the problem is. The incorrect value may also be highlighted. Make sure you have entered the right data, check the calculation,  and enter and check  the new value. If the calculations are correct there should be no error messages and there should be an "ok" in the status box. Check all the parts of the calculations. If you run into a calculation problem you can't fix, get help or print out what you have completed if you leave before finishing the check. If you think there is a problem with the check itself make a copy and give it to your TA.

Make a printout of the completed calculation check. Make sure you fill in your name and lab section letter at the top of the calculation check.

Experiment A - Calorimetry
No calculation checks for experiments B, C or G!
Experiment D - Equilibrium
Experiment E - Acid/Base Chemistry
Experiment F - Redox Supplemental Material

If you have trouble loading the program or if the screen goes blank after using the tab key try clicking on the Back and then Forward icon in the toolbar. If that doesn't work try clicking on Reload or Refresh.

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