Configuring newsgroups on DANA or JAN

This brief guide explains how to subscribe to a specific newsgroup and how to access news groups. The user is shown how to subscribe to a class news group and then shown how to use the mailer called "Pine". "Pine", available on both DANA and JAN, allows the user to both access newsgroups and post your own messages to newsgroups. It is as easy as using mail.

Login and Entering the Communications Menu

1. After login to DANA or JAN, you should see the menu below (if you are at the "dana%" or "jan%" prompt, you can get back into the "Main Menu" by typing "menu" at either of those prompts.) Using the menu, JAN and DANA look exactly the same.

Type c [return] to get to the communications menu.

2. If you want to subscribe to an nau-class-newsgroup for the first time:

Type c [return] to subscribe to a newsgroup. See below --->

If you are already subscribed to the newsgroup(s) that you want, then skip to # 5.

Subscribing to a News Group:

3. Enter the course name [return]:

4. Enter the section if appropriate [return].

Follow the instructions. If you have successfully completed the subscription program, the program will tell you which newsgroup will be added to your list. You will be asked to press the enter key to return to the menu. Type [return] to exit the program and you will be back in the "Communications Menu".

5. Type m [return] to leave the "Communications Menu" and move into the "Mail Menu".

Using Pine to access newsgroups and post your own messages to newsgroups:

6. Type m [return] to get to mail <open the "pine" program>..

Brief Description of "Pine":

Once you enter the "Pine" mailing program, you can choose what you want to do by using the arrow keys and the [return] to select the options you have highlighted on the screen or type special commands. To cycle around in "Pine", you can usually type [m] for MainMenu. The MainMenu is shown in the next frame. Options are listed at the bottom of the screen. If you want more options, type [o] for other. A new set of options will appear. At any time, type [q] to exit pine. You will return to the Mail Menu.

The ^ symbol means the [control] key located on the lower row of the keyboard. Many of the special commands use a combination stroke of the [control] key and a letter. While holding down the [control] key, strike the letter on the key board.

7. Make sure that the L option FOLDER LIST is highlighted. Hit [return].

8. Move the cursor down to the newsgroup you want to read so that it is highlighted. Hit [return].

9. Hit return and you will see a list of messages. Use the cursor to select a message you want to read and type [return].

* To read a news posting. Move the cursor to the message that you want to read. All messages are listed with a subject and the sender's name. You can read as many messages as you want, using the options at the bottom of the screen. When you are finished reading a newsgroup, type m for return to MainMenu of "Pine".

* If you want to post to the newsgroup either reply [r] to the message or compose [c] a new message while in the newsgroup. Type c <no return> and answer y [return]. The result of a compose command is shown on the next screen.

When you finish your message and you want to send it, type ^x (really [control]x) and continue to answer yes to the questions; if you decide not to send it, type ^c (really [control]c) and you can exit without sending a message. The ^ symbol means "hold the [control] key down while typing the letter".

Here is a picture of the compose window:

Happy newrsreading!!!

Comments on this guide to Jim Maxka (523-6503)

February 1996