Schiffman on one oft-targeted feature of non-standard discourse- Loudness
Friedman on cognitive capacity and skills
Cook's challenge to Friedman
Pensalfini's support for Friedman
Alvarez-Caccamo's challenge to our right to question the logic of others' speech styles
Carroll "Who says language is based on logic anyway?"
Kephart- "It's BIOlogical"
Fox says it's logical
Schiffman's intuitions about double negatives in his own dialect
Gorbett on the logic of language
Schiffman responding to Fox and Kephart
Fox responding to earlier post by Palmer on Lakoff
Fox responding to Schiffman on "nothin'"
Friedman's response to Schiffman
Peterson on logic, Star Trek, and Bourdieu
Adi Hasting's on "Logic" in India and Western Philosophies
Schiffman's Response to Hastings
Alvarez-Caccamo responding to Fox on "nothin'"
Leila Monaghan on Dr. King, Ebonics Style, and Fluency
Fox's Response to Alvarez-Caccamo
Cook's reply to Pensalfini
Palmer's response to Peterson
Kephart's comments to an anthro-l post on Ebonics "baseness" and "breeding suspicion"
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