Below are the links supplied by class members. If you feel that the annotations need revision or find any problems, please let me know.

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  1. This a link to the course resource page at Cline Library.
  2. Indira Gandhi Centre for the Arts. This is an excellent place to begin a search in South Asian Humanities.
  3. This is the open letter from Gail Omvedt to Arundhati Roy. It concerns the daming of the Narmada. Careful reading of it and the responses will give important insights.
    This web site provides a brief introduction to the Sardar Sarovar Dam Project, numeroud links and resources, statistics on other damming project planned for the Narmada, and information on various anti-dam organizations. Helpful in simplifying some of the information on the dam projects for paper IV.
    A site devoted to the cultural heritage of South Asia.
    This site contains a lot of information pertaining to Hinduism. The site discusses general Hindu beliefs, gods and goddesses, festivals, fasts, and puja. The site also contains a hyperlink to an Hindu calendar
    This is the homepage of "Islamic Voice" which is published monthly at Bangalore. The site contains articles centering on the Islamic-Indian culture and issues.
    A basic site about India with pages dealing with the visual arts and music. It is very commercial.
    This site allows one to find numerous other sites about India on such topics as government, society, arts, education and many more.
    A good local site for us beginners who are looking for current sites and links concerning India which we can apply to our class. Also a good site because not only is the creator of the site from India, but he is also local and a very willing and resourcefull teaching!.
    A Good Site for Maps
    The NAU Asian Studies Web Site. CHECK IT OUT!
    Collection of pictures of Hindu Deities which the class may have not seen before.
    Would you like to buy a painting of a Hindu Deity?
    "The Dances of India" Provides history on role of dance in Indian society as well as information on India's theatre, fine arts, and folk dance. Decent introduction to the performing arts of India. Highlight is all of the color prictures
    Impressive website with lots of information on India's dance, music, fine arts along with a "misc." category (pupretry, yoga). Easy to access and to understand.
    This site is both educational and interesting. There are a variety of activities, stories, and poems. It also contains some news stories and historical information.
    This website has 7 images of religious art. Four of the images are depicting Krishna. Each image is shown full page and has a link to the accompaning description/story.

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