David Rumery -- Legion
Artist's Statement

To me, metal is the ultimate medium. I have worked with ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The beauty of the substance is timeless and flexible. It can be as delicate as a spiderweb, may flow like water, or stand as rugged as the San Francisco Peaks.

I have learned to machine it accurately to a tolerance of .0005 of an inch for use in robotics and pneumatic industrial equipment. I have bridged the gap between the love of the technical skill of industrial machining and art. I have applied technical knowledge to artistic expression using high quality fabrication techniques, the use of design, contrast, line, and form to create a unique style of jewelry.

I am a part of a legion of artists. We are like a family, feeding on each otheršs ideas, yet, we are supportive of one another. Only hard work, dedication, and time are keys to quality. Metal, whether it be stainless steel, silver, or gold, deserves the hard work and dedication which leads to fine quality. It is a timeless, multifaceted medium in whatever form it may take.

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