NAU First Year Experience

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Resources Key
pdf= PDF Word Document= Word Document website= Website
Resource Duplicate= Resource Duplicate Hard Copy in Appendix Sleeve= Hard Copy in Appendix Sleeve

Prepared Materials by Northern Arizona University

pdfSelf-study Report (Self-study_Report.pdf)

Audited Financial Statements for 2005 and 2006


Current Northern Arizona University’s Catalog and Handbooks


websiteFaculty Handbook (being revised)

websiteConditions of Faculty Service

websiteStudent Handbook

pdfPersonnel Policy Manual

Additional Materials for Review

pdfExecutive Summary (Executive_Summary.pdf)


pdfStrategic Plan 2005-2010

Hard Copy in Appendix SleeveNew Promotional Material (hard copies in sleeves of appendix)

pdfFY06 Financial Report

pdfChanging Directions (Changing_Directions_brochure.pdf)

pdfA Redesigned Public University System

pdfNorthern Arizona University's Response to the Arizona System Redesign

pdfEducating Arizona

pdfEnterprise and Education

Hard Copy in Appendix Sleeve2006-2011 Strategic Plan (hard copies in sleeves of appendix)

pdfUniversity Organizational Chart (NAU_org_chart.pdf)

websiteAZUN Brochure

websiteExample Cabinet Report

Hard Copy in Appendix SleeveAcademic Program Review Guidelines (hard copies in sleeves of appendix)


websiteAccreditation Website

websiteCensus Arizona 2000 and 2005

websiteCensus Coconino County 2000 and 2005

Word DocumentDraft Five Year Strategic Plan 2007-2012
(NOTE: requires authentication)

pdfFinal Five Year Strategic Plan 2007-2012 (NAU_Strategic_Plan.pdf)

websiteTRIF Initiative

Criterion 1

websiteAffirmative Action and Equal Opportunity

websiteArizona Board of Regents (ABOR)

websiteAssociate Provost for Academic Administration

websiteBlue Ribbon Task Force restructuring documents

pdfCampus Master Plan (Long_Term_Campus_Plan_2005.pdf)

websiteClery Report

websiteComptroller’s Office

websiteFaculty Handbook/COFS

websiteFaculty Senate

websiteFERPA (NOTE: requires authentication)

websiteGraduate College

websiteHuman Resources

websiteInside NAU

websiteInternal Audit

websiteITS’s HIPAA site

websiteLiberal Studies Committee

websiteNAU Athletic Compliance Office

websiteOffice of Disability Resources


pdfPAIR Surveys and Reports – NSSE (Report_NSSE.pdf)

pdfPersonnel Policy Manual

websitePresident’s Office

websiteRegulatory Compliance

websiteRehabilitation Act Section 504 policies and procedures

pdfReport on Diversity and Equity, 2004-2005 (Report_on_Diversity_and_Equity_2004-2005.pdf)

websiteStudent Handbook

websiteUniversity Budget Office

websiteUniversity Curriculum Committee Information

websiteUniversity Graduate Committee Information

websiteUniversity Marketing

websiteUniversity Strategic Planning

websiteVice President for Research

websiteVice President for Undergraduate Studies

Criterion 2


websiteBudget Request

pdfBudget Request 2006 (Budget_Request_2006.pdf)

pdfBudget Request 2007 (Budget_Request_2007.pdf)

pdfBudget Request 2008 (Budget_Request_2008.pdf)

pdfCapital Development Plan 2008

pdfCapital Improvement Plan 2007-2009

websiteCenter for International Education

websiteCenter for Sustainable Environments

websiteCollege of Business – Arizona Rural Policy Institute (RPI)

pdfCooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) 2005 Survey Results

websiteDistance Learning – The Arizona Universities Network (AZUN)

pdfFaculty and Academic Administrators (Supplemental Report)

websiteFaculty Development Program

pdfFaculty Survey Report


Word DocumentHire Smart! Toolkit!_Toolkit.doc

websiteInformation Resource Management (IRM)

pdfNational Study of Institutional Cost and Productivity 2003, 2002, 2001 (NationalStudyOfInstitutinalCostandProductivity.pdf)

pdfNational Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Report 2003

websiteOffice of Academic Assessment

websiteOffice of the President – University Initiatives

websitePAIR – Institutional Effectiveness

websitePAIR – Surveys and Reports

websitePAIR – University Strategic Planning

websitePresident’s Diversity and Equity Statement

websitePresident’s website

pdfRegents Accountability Measures (RAM) 2006

pdfReport on Diversity and Equity 2004-2005

pdfRequest for Institutional Change 2005

websiteSponsored Projects Services

Word DocumentState of Arizona Five Year Strategic Plan 2008-2012 (State_of_Arizona_Five_Year_Strategic_Plan_2008-2012.doc)

pdfStatewide and Mountain Campus Respondents (Supplemental Report)

websiteStrategic Planning Council—Comments Regarding Draft of Strategic Plan

websiteStrategic Planning Documents (each of these documents is included previously in this list)

Word DocumentVP’s Strategic Plans

Criterion 3

websiteCenter for International Education

Word DocumentAssessment Audit 2006-2007 (Assessment_Audit 06-07.doc)

websiteCline Library

pdfCollegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) 2005

Word DocumentCriteria for Reviewing Degree Program Assessment of Student Learning
(NOTE: requires authentication)

websiteDistance Learning – Find a Campus Near You

websiteDistance Learning

websitee-Learning Center

websiteEMSA Assessment

Word DocumentFaculty Development: A Portrait of Engagement (Fac_Dev_A Portrait of Engagement 06-07.doc)

websiteFaculty Development Program

websiteFaculty Senate

pdfFaculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) 2003

websiteGateway Student Success Center

websiteGraduate College

websiteHonors Program

websiteInformation Technology Services (ITS)

websiteInformation Technology Services Vision Statement

websiteLearning Assistance Centers (LAC)

websiteLiberal Studies Committee Membership

websiteLiberal Studies Program

pdfLong Term Campus Plan 2005

websiteNAU Athletics Compliance Office

websiteNAU Athletics

websiteNAU Athletics Mission


Word DocumentOffice of Academic Assessment – Aggregate Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes in NAU Degree Programs 2006-2007 (Aggregate_Assessment_of_Student_Learning_Outcomes_2006-2007.doc)

websiteOffice of Academic Assessment

Word DocumentOffice of Academic Assessment Annual Report 2006-2007 (OAA_Annual_Report_06-07.doc)

pdfPath to Achievement and Excellence in Assessing Student Learning at NAU (Guide to Program Assessment_final2007.pdf)

websiteParent’s Association – Academic Support

websiteRapid Alert Program (RAP)

Resource DuplicateRequest for Institutional Change 2005 (also in Criterion 2)

websiteResidence Life – Learning Communities

websiteStudent Affairs

pdfStudent Athlete Handbook 2005-2006

pdfStudent Readiness Inventory

pdfStudy on UCC and UPG Proposal Justifications with Assessment Findings, 2005-2007 (Study_UCC_UPG_Justifications_Aug07.pdf)

websiteUniversity Curriculum Committee

websiteUniversity Graduate Committee

websiteVice Provost for Undergraduate Studies

Criterion 4

pdfABOR Policy Manual – Intellectual Property Policy

pdfABOR Policy Manual – Student Code of Conduct

websiteAcademic Program Data

websiteAcademic Program Review Schedule

websiteArizona Board of Regents (ABOR)

websiteAssociation of American Colleges & Universities – Greater Expectations

websiteBilby Research Center

websiteCenter for International Education

websiteDistance Learning – Copyright Information – TEACH Act

Resource Duplicatee-Learning Center (also in Criterion 3)

websitee-Learning Center Training

websiteEmployee Assistance and Wellness

Resource DuplicateFaculty Development Program (also in Criterion 3)

pdfFaculty and Staff Guide to the Liberal Studies Program (LS_workbook.pdf)

Word DocumentFaculty Senate – Liberal Studies Review Committe (Liberal_Studies_Review_Committee_of_the_Faculty_Senate.doc)

Resource DuplicateGraduate College (also in Criterion 3)

websiteHooper Undergraduate Research Awards

websiteHuman Resources,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

websiteHuman Resources Professional Development and Training

websiteInformation Systems Technology Training (ISTT)

Resource DuplicateInside NAU (also in Criterion 1)

websiteInstitutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects

Resource DuplicateLiberal Studies Program (also in Criterion 3)

pdfLSRC Report

Resource DuplicateNational Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Report 2003 (also in Criterion 2)

websiteNAU Alumni Association – Pine Magazine

websiteNAU Alumni Association

Word DocumentNAU Greater Expectations Team Action Plan (NAU_Greater_Expectations_Team_Action_Plan.doc)

websiteOffice of Grant and Contract Services

websiteOffice of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

websitePAIR Surveys and Reports – Alumni Survey

websiteRegulatory Compliance

pdfReport on the Freshman Year

pdfResearch & Graduate Education Task Force Report (Research_and_Graduate_Education_Task_Force_Report_2006.pdf)

websiteResearch Centers and Institutes

websiteResidence Life

websiteStudent Life

websiteTechnology & Research Initiative Fund (TRIF)

Resource DuplicateUniversity Curriculum Committee
(also in Criterion 3)

Resource DuplicateUniversity Graduate Committee (also in Criterion 3)

Word DocumentUniversity Mission Statement

websiteVice President for Research

Resource DuplicateVice President for Research (also in Criterion 1)

Criterion 5

Resource DuplicateYuma (also in Criterion 3)

Resource DuplicateDistance Learning – Find a Campus Near You (also in Criterion 3)

websiteDistance Learning – Community College Partnerships

websiteDistance Learning Programs

websiteNative American Student Services (NASS)

websiteInstitute for Native Americans (INA)

websiteColorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit

websiteArizona Western College (AWC)

websiteWestern Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)

websiteOffice of the Associate Provost for Academic Admission

Word DocumentArizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) Transfer Policy

websiteTransfer Articulation

websiteAcademic Information Office (AIO)

websiteCollege of Business – Business Outreach

websiteInstitute for Human Development (IHD)

Word DocumentTranslational Genomics Research Institute (TGEN) (NAU_and_TGen_Research_Institute_award.doc)

websiteScience Foundation Arizona

websiteEcological Restoration Institute (ERI)

pdfGrowing Biotechnology Initiative (GBI)

websiteCenter for Sustainable Environments – Environmental Research Development & Education for New Economy (ERDENE)

pdfAccess and Workforce Development (AWD)

Federal Compliance


pdfABOR Policy 2-206 Academic Credit

websiteNAU Academic catalogs


pdfABOR Policy 2-401 Academic Year Calendar


websiteNAU Academic catalogs

websiteBursar’s Office

websiteDistance Learning

websiteDistance Learning – Worldwide University (WWU)

websiteDistance Learning – Good Neighbor Policy

websiteOffice of the Bursar – Tuition and Fees


websiteInstitutional Default Rate Comparison of FY 2002, 2003, and 2004 Cohort Default Rates


websiteBursar’s Office


pdfNAU Police Department – Annual Clery Report

websiteNAU Police Department

websiteDaily Campus Crime Log

websiteInside NAU Crime Report


pdfNCAA Student Athlete Report

pdfABOR Meeting Executive Summary (ABOR_Executive_Summary_The_Future_of_the_NCAA.pdf)


websitePAIR – NAU Fact Books

pdfFact Book 2006


websiteOnline Academic Catalog for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs 2007-2008

websiteInstitutional Accreditation

Resource DuplicateNAU Fact book (also in B5.3)

websiteOffice of Academic Assessment policies

websiteDistance Learning


Resource DuplicateOnline Academic Catalog for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs 2007-2008 (also in D1)

Resource DuplicateNAU Fact book (also in B5.3 and D1)