NAU First Year Experience

2007 Comprehensive Review

The President, Provost, and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies, and the Vice President of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness have designed a three-tiered organizational strategy for the Self-study. Overall direction for the study is provided by a small group that is designated as the “Self-study Team”. Karen Pugliesi coordinates university accreditation, serves as liaison to the Higher Learning Commission, and chairs the Self-study Team.

The Self-study Team works in consultation and collaboration with a larger Self-study Steering Committee comprised of faculty, staff, administrators, and students across campus and statewide sites to lead the Self-study process. The Steering Committee leads the efforts of the five task forces, focusing on one of the five criteria for accreditation:

  1. Mission and Integrity
  2. Preparing for the Future
  3. Student Learning and Effective Teaching
  4. Acquisition, Discovery and Application of Knowledge
  5. Engagement and Service

The collaborative efforts of these three groups are an investigation of institutional performance in relation to the criteria for accreditation. This report reflects a university-wide process through which NAU assessed its strengths and identified opportunities for improvement. This comprehensive institutional self-assessment provided an opportunity for a database to be created, documenting institutional capacities to fulfill the five criteria. This process is not only useful in the accreditation evaluation, but provides the campus community with guidance about the investments of energy and resources in the future.