NAU First Year Experience

2005 Focused Visit

Northern Arizona University will host a Focused Visit by the Higher Learning Commission on May 2 and 3, 2005. The focused visit is pursuant to a “Request for Institutional Change” submitted by Northern Arizona University that seeks commission approval for on-line degree and certificate programs. The focused visit is separate from the comprehensive review for renewal of institutional accreditation that will occur Fall 2007.

The visit will focus on the administrative support and infrastructures for on-line programs and learners. The Commission’s Best Practices for Electronically Delivered Degree and Certificate Programs spells out principles that will inform the evaluation of Northern Arizona University’s on-line programs and services for on-line learners.

Karen Pugliesi (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies), Fred Hurst (Vice President for Extended Programs and Dean of Distance Learning), and a group of leaders from across the university are leading efforts to prepare for the Focused Visit.

Focused Visit Planning Committee