My interests are:
Operator algebras
Groupoids, inverse semigroups
Combinatorial game theory
Partial Differential Equations
Graph pebbling
Scientific computing
  1. C*-crossed products by partial actions and actions of inverse semigroups (preprint server)
  2. C*-crossed products by twisted inverse semigroup actions (preprint server)
  3. Morita equivalence of C*-crossed products by inverse semigroup actions and partial actions (pdf file)
  4. C*-actions of r-discrete groupoids and inverse semigroups, with John Quigg  (preprint server)
  5. C*-equivalences of graphs, with Doug Drinen  (preprint server)
  6. A note on primitive equivalence (preprint server)
  7. Fell bundles over r-discrete groupoids and inverse semigroups (unfinished project) (ps.gz)
  8. Cayley color graphs of inverse semigroups and groupoids (pdf)
  9. Cayley line graphs of transitive groupoids (pdf)
  10. Avoidable sets in the bicyclic inverse semigroup (pdf)
  11. Wild polyomino weak (1,2)-achievement games (pdf) (rectangular graph paper)
  12. Polyomino weak achievement games on 3-dimensional rectangular boards (pdf)
  13. Hexagonal polyomino weak (1,2)-achievement games (pdf) (hexagonal graph paper)
  14. Snaky is a 41-dimensional winner (pdf)
  15. Computing Eigenfunctions on the Koch Snowflake: A New Grid and Symmetry, with J. Neuberger and J. Swift (preprint server)
  16. Polyominoes with minimum exterior perimeter and full set achievement games (pdf)
  17. Perfect Pairs of Ideals and Duals in Numerical Semigroups, with Kurt Herzinger, Stephen Wilson and Jeff Rushall (preprint server)
  18. Rectangular Polyomino Set Weak (1,2)-achievement Games, with Edgar Fisher (pdf)
  19. Symmetry and Automated Branch Following for a Semilinear Elliptic PDE on a Fractal Region, with J. Neuberger and J. Swift (pdf)
  20. Rubbling and Optimal Rubbling of Graphs, with Christopher Belford (pdf)
  21. Polyiamonds and Polyhexes with Minimum Site-perimeter and Achievement Games, with Gabor Fulep (pdf)
  22. Proof trees for weak achievement games (pdf)
  23. Automated Bifurcation Analysis for Nonlinear Elliptic Partial Difference Equations on Graphs, with J. Neuberger and J. Swift (pdf)
  24. A graph pebbling algorithm on weighted graphs (preprint server)
  25. An MPI Implementation of a Self-Submitting Parallel Job Queue, with J. Neuberger and J. Swift (preprint server)
  26. Critical branching random walk in an IID environment, with Janos Englander (preprint server)
  27. Bounds on the Rubbling and Optimal Rubbling Numbers of Graphs, with Gyula Y. Katona (preprint server)
  28. Biased Weak Polyform Achievement Games, with Ian Norris (preprint server)
  29. Edge Animal Weak (1,2)-achievement Games, with Ian Douglas (pdf)
  30. Newton's Method and Symmetry for Semilinear Elliptic PDE on the Cube (pdf) (companion site)
  31. Impartial achievement and avoidance games for generating finite groups, with Dana Ernst (preprint server) (companion site)
  32. The t-pebbling number of the complete graph with a missing edge
  33. Impartial avoidance games for generating finite groups, with Bret Benesh and Dana Ernst (preprint server) (companion site)
  34. Impartial avoidance and achievement games for generating symmetric and alternating groups, with Bret Benesh and Dana Ernst (preprint server)
  35. Impartial achievement games for generating generalized dihedral groups, with Bret Benesh and Dana Ernst (preprint server)