BIO 415 / 599


Course Schedule

Week of:
11 Jan

Spore plant groups pp 69-95; Intro to plant systematics pp 3-16; Cladistics pp 17-48 (homework 1); [[[basic morphology pp 347-408]]]*

18 Jan

Cycads, Conifers, Gnetophytes; Evolution of seed plants pp 97-119;

25 Jan

Evolution of flowering plants; 121-136; Magnoliids and other “basal families” pp. 138-153;

26 Jan
EXAM I – covers all spore and seed plants through Gnetophytes
27 Jan
Lab Practical I – 7-9 pm – over everything through Gnetophytes
1 Feb Monocots I pp 153-162/184-212; origin of monocots; resources/nomenclature pp 501-516 (homework2);
8 Feb Monocots II pp 213-226;
15 Feb Monocots III pp 247-269; orchid biology/pollination biology/evolution of tricolpate groups
22 Feb Evolution of Tricolpate groups; Basal Tricolpates; pp 228-235
23 Feb
EXAM II -- covers Magnoliids and all monocots
24 Feb
Lab Practical II—7-9 pm -- comprehensive through monocots
1 Mar Core Eudicots; Caryophyllids pp 238-249; anatomical and chemical evidence in phylogenetics pp 409-452; Invasives/Rarity
8 Mar Asterids I pp 289-322;
15 Mar Spring Break.
22 Mar

Asterids II pp 322-335; Uses of phylogenetic trees I – origin of adaptations (reading–TBA)

29 Mar

Uses of phylogenetic trees II – biogeography (reading–TBA); plant collecting specifics pp 517-534

1-4 Apr Mojave Desert Field trip to make plant collections
5 Apr Rosids I**

6 Apr
7 Apr

[ EXAM III – covers tricolpate dicots thus far]
[Lab Practical III— 7-9 pm -- comprehensive through Asterids]

12 Apr

Rosids II (Families that have always been Rosids**); Evolution of Plant Diversity II pp 133-141;
19 Apr Rosids III** (look for each on pg 227); Evolution of Plant Diversity II (reading-TBA);
26 Apr Reading week: Evolution of Plant Diversity III (reading-TBA); Sumation; Future
1 May
Final Comprehensive Lab Practical, during regular lab session
6 May
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