Smooth brome

(Bromus inermis Less.)

Smooth brome is a tufted, rhizomatous perennial with smooth culms and leaves reaching four feet in height. Its panicle is 4 to 8 inches long with branches either ascending or spreading. The long spikelets...
Distribution and habitat
Smooth brome is found on disturbed sites (fields, road verges, waste places). It is a major hay and forage crop in the Prairie Provinces of Canada and the northern Great Plains. It flowers from June until early September.
General information
This smooth brome has become one of the most important non-native forage grasses. It is widely planted on rangelands from Texas to Alaska. Early growth of smooth brome is highly palatable. Palatability and nutritional quality drop rapidly after flower ing. Fall growth provides palatable forage later in the year. Rated good for palatability for cattle, sheep and horses. Smooth brome showed poor survivorship on semiarid canyon lands and may not tolerate grazing on all habitat or site types. It was report ed that smooth brome planted on low-fertility ponderosa pine forest soils declined under even light grazing. It may be more likely to persist under grazing on fertile soils. It does requires fertile soil to maintain nutritional quality.