1st-Order Global Tectonic Elements

Each of the following pages shows a global view of the Earth. 1st-order tectonic elements including oceans, continents, plate boundaries, subduction zones, mid-ocean ridges, and mountain belts are shown on each map. Positions of mid-ocean ridges are speculative on plates older than 200 Ma.

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The general plate data are from Scotese, C. R., 1998. Quicktime Computer Animations, PALEOMAP Project, Department of Geology, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas.. The tectonic data are compiled from many sources but are especially influenced by the following: Scotese and Glonka, 1992, Paleomap, Univ of Texas at Arlington; Ziegler, 1988, Evolution of the Arctic-North Atlantic and the western Tethys, AAPG Memoir 43.

  • Explanation of symbols
  • Late Precambrian
  • Early Cambrian
  • Middle Cambrian
  • Early Ordovician
  • Late Ordovician
  • Early Silurian
  • Middle Silurian
  • Early Devonian
  • Late Devonian
  • Mississippian
  • Pennsylvanian
  • Permian
  • Early Triassic
  • Late Triassic
  • Early Jurassic
  • Early Middle Jurassic
  • Middle Jurassic
  • Late Jurassic
  • Early Cretaceous
  • Middle Cretaceous
  • Late Cretaceous
  • Latest Cretaceous
  • Paleocene
  • Eocene
  • Oligocene
  • Early Miocene
  • Late Miocene
  • Present

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