Paleogeography of the Colorado Plateau and Vicinity

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    The plaeogeographic maps of the Colorado Plateau Region have been carefully prepared from published and unpublished stratigraphic and sedimentologic data and interpretations. For a recent synthesis of this material, see:

    Blakey, R. C., 2008, Pennsylvanian-Jurassic sedimentary basins of the Colorado Plateau and Southern Rocky Mountains in, Miall, A. D. (ed), Sedimentary Basins of United States and Canada: Elsevier, Amsterdam p. 245-296.

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    List of Maps

  • Miocene Paleogeography
  • Eocene (Green River Fm) Paleogeography
  • Late Cretaceous (Campanian) Paleogeography
  • Late Cretaceous (Ceno-Turonian) Paleogeography
  • Early Cretaceous (Dakota Fm) Paleogeography
  • Early Cretaceous (Cedar Mtn Fm) Paleogeography
  • Late Jurassic (Morrison Fm - Salt Wash) Paleogeography
  • Middle Jurassic (Entrada Ss) Paleogeography
  • Early Jurassic (Kayenta-Navajo) Paleogeography
  • Late Triassic (Chinle Pet Forest) Paleogeography
  • Early Triassic (Moenkopi Fm) Paleogeography
  • Middle Permian (Kaibab Fm) Paleogeography
  • Early Permian (Schnebly Hill-DeChelly) Paleogeography
  • Middle Pennsylvanian Paleogeography
  • Early Pennsylvanian Paleogeography
  • Early Mississippian Paleogeography
  • Late Devonian Paleogeography
  • Middle Cambrian Paleogeography
  • Late Proterozoic (GC Supergroup) Paleogeography
  • Early Proterozoic (Vishnu) Paleogeography