Late Early Cretaceous Tectonics and Paleogeography (105 Ma).

late Early Cretaceous (105 Ma)
  • Two large volume magmatic belts formed (Peninsular, Sierra Nevada, Idaho; Coast Plutonic complex built on Baja BC); plutonic complexes may have been fed by volatiles from under-thrusting of North American miogeocline
  • South-moving Baja BC approached maximum S position at latitude of southern Arizona
  • Baja BC west of classic Great Valley and Franciscan complexes; Great Valley as interarc basin(?)
  • Rotated North Slope terrane collided with Yukon-Tanana and related terranes
  • Sevier orogeny continued and foreland basin expanded eastward
  • Late Early Cretaceous Tectonic Map and Paleogeographic Map