Late Cretaceous Tectonics and Paleogeography (85 Ma).

Late Cretaceous (85 Ma)
  • Plate reorganization as Kula separated from Farallon Plate; dextral transpression with North America; Kula-Farallon ridge moved northward along coast
  • Baja BC transported northward with obliquely converging Kula plate
  • Major magmatic activity in two belts (110-85 Ma) followed by strong decline and null in magmatic activity (80-40 Ma)
  • Andean-style segmentation of Farallon arc from Central America to Southern California
  • Sevier thrusting continued and foreland basin shifted locus of subsidence southward in response to shallow
  • Laramide subduction (shallow angle)
  • Late Cretaceous Tectonic Map and Paleogeographic Map