Illustrations of Geology and Oceanography


This page links to a variety of topics, shown mostly through photos and diagrams. Explore through he links below:

Illustrations of Orogenies

The Files below show simple, restored cross sections of one or more stages of selected North American orogenies. Only major structures, elements, and igneous and sedimentary units are shown.

  • Wopmay orogeny
  • Taconic orogeny
  • Acadian orogeny
  • Alleghanian orogeny
  • Palisades orogeny
  • Antler orogeny
  • Ancestral Rockies orogeny
  • Sonoman orogeny
  • Sevier orogeny
  • Laramide orogeny

    Geologic History, Southwestern US

    This presentation shows graphically the Proterozoic and Phanerozoic geologic history of the Southwestern US. The explanation shows the graphics and patterns used throughout. The presentation begins with a text file that provides a brief narrative of the geologic history. You can link to the graphics from the text; use the back_function on your browser to retun to the text from the graphics. Alternately, you can navigate through geologic time from graphic to graphic without returning to the text each time. Note that on most graphics pages you have to scroll down to see the multiple figures on a given page. From Permian through Jurassic, two different tectonic interpretations are presented. These figures were derived from many sources.