The Early Devonian World

Mollewide Plate Tectonic Maps

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Additional maps not on this website as well as map revisions and updates are available at

  • Colorado Plateau Geosystems Website

    The maps below are Mollewide (oval globe) projections showing global paleogeography for the past 600 million years. The maps are based on the spherical and rectangular globes in this series but are updated slightly. The projections were made from original rectangular maps and then projected into the mollewide format using Flexify®, a Photoshop® plugin. Mollewide projections show the entire globe in one view, but are distorted significantly along the margins of the globe. Each file is 600x1200 pixels (approximately 250kb and 1/3 full resolution). Grid lines are 30°x30°.

    DVD's of the full resolution globes (1500 X 3000 pixels) are available at

    Link to DVD's

  • Late Proterozoic (600Ma)
  • latest Proterozoic (560Ma)
  • Early Cambrian (540Ma)
  • Late Cambrian (500Ma)
  • Middle Ordovician (470Ma)
  • Late Ordovician (450Ma)
  • Silurian (430Ma)
  • Early Devonian (400Ma)
  • Late Devonian (370Ma)
  • Mississippian (340Ma)
  • Pennsylvanian(300Ma)
  • Early Permian (280Ma)
  • Late Permian (260Ma)
  • Early to Middle Triassic (240Ma)
  • Late Triassic (220Ma)
  • Early Jurassic (200Ma)
  • Middle Jurassic (170Ma)
  • Late Jurassic (150Ma)
  • Early Cretaceous (120Ma)
  • late Early Cretaceous (105Ma)
  • Late Cretaceous (90Ma)
  • K-T (65Ma)
  • Eocene (50Ma)
  • Oligocene (35Ma)
  • Miocene (20Ma)
  • Pleistocene (50Ka)
  • Present

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