Sedimentation, Tectonics, and Paleogeography of Asia

Each of the following pages is centered on Asia, beginning during the Cambrian and continuing through the Cenozoic. Two maps are shown on each page; the top map shows the unlabled paleogeography and the second map labels the tectonic and paleogeographic elements. Many tectonic elements, especially the continental blocks and microcontinents, are known by more than one name. The scheme used here uses common names, especially names with modern, familiar, descriptive terms.

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The general plate data are from Scotese, C. R., 1998. Quicktime Computer Animations, PALEOMAP Project, Department of Geology, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas.. The paleogeographic, sedimentologic, and tectonic data are compiled from many sources but are especially influenced by the comprehensive compilation of Asian tectonic history by Sengor and Natal'in and the tectonic reconstruction of China by Yin and Nie(both 1996, in The Tectonic Evolution of Asia, ed. by Yin and Harrison, Cambridge University Press).

  • Cambrian
  • Ordovician
  • Silurian
  • Devonian
  • Early Carboniferous
  • Late Carboniferous
  • Permian
  • Early Triassic
  • Late Triassic
  • Early Jurassic
  • Middle Jurassic
  • Late Jurassic
  • Early Cretaceous
  • Middle Cretaceous
  • Late Cretaceous
  • Eocene
  • Miocene

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