Stratigraphic Columns Across Southern Western Interior

The stratigraphic columns show the rocks exposed in the area indicated. The columns contain moderate detail and list stratigraphic nomenclature generally in use or accepted for a given area. An explanation of symbols for the columns is also provided

Explanation of symbols
  • Explanation

    Grand Canyon Region
  • Nankoweap Canyon
  • South Kaibab Trail
  • Kanab Canyon
  • Diamond Creek
  • Grand Wash Cliffs

    Central and Southern Arizona
  • Sedona and Verde Valley
  • SE Arizona near Bisbee

    Southern Utah and Nevada
  • Zion and Bryce
  • Glen Canyon
  • Canyonlands and Capitol Reef
  • Western Utah (Basin and Range)
  • Southern Nevada

    Western New Mexico and Colorado
  • NW New Mexico
  • SW Colorado

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