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Karystos, Euboea

SEEP: The Southern Euboea Exploration Project

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SEEP Directors:

 o Donald R. Keller:

Assistant Director of the American Center of Oriental Research, 656 Beacon Street, Boston, MA, 02215.

 o Malcolm Wallace:

Associate Professor, Department of Classics, University of Toronto, Toronto, MSS 1A1, Canada, FAX 416-978-7307

SEEP Associate Directors:

 o Els Hom: (please place Els' name in the subject box)

 o Cynthia K. Kosso:www page and email:,

Assistant Professor, Department of History, PO Box 6023, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona 86011.

 o Roz Schneider: roz19@IDT.NET

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The Southern Euboea Exploration Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to studying the human material remains and the environment of Southern Euboea. The project was incorporated in 1984 as a non-profit research and educational program and registered in the state of Maryland. Recent fieldwork has been conducted under the aegis of the Canadian Archaeological Institute in Athens. Our research in Greece is carried out with the permission of the Greek Archaeological Service. We would like gratefully to acknowledge the active support of the Greek Archaeological service's 11th Ephorea; directed by Dr. Efi Sakellaraki until 1996, and currently under the direction of the Ephor Amalia Karapaschalidou and Epimeletria Maria Kidiroglou.

Membership to date consists of 88 professionals and students in North America and Europe. Many of our members have served as volunteers in the field while others have given research time or made generous financial donations.

Prior to the work of SEEP, the southern part of Euboea was very little known archaeologically. Only three sites had been tested by excavation and a total of nine sites catalogued during survey. Since 1984, SEEP has added over 200 ancient sites to the record, including 128 sites on the Paximadhi peninsula, one of the largest contiguous areas to be intensively surveyed in Greece (see map).

The diachronic reconstruction of the human ecology of the peninsula, now being prepared for publication, is based on archaeological survey and the excavation of three sites (a Final Neolithic settlement, a Classical farmhouse and a Classical cistern reused in the Roman period as a shelter) as well as anthropological, historical, and environmental research (see Seepage 1 and 2 for bibliography and anecdotes generated during the Paximadhi years).

SEEP research has been possible because of the following crew-members, who have provided their own travel costs and worked long hours for only room and board:

Ayla Akin 88-90; Alison Barclay 90; Matthew Bédard 93; Deirdre Beyer-Honça 87, 88; Dieter Bischop 89; Sarah Brierley 88, 93); Michael Byrne 90; Colin Caldwell 90; Clayton Cook 87; Yasmin Craig 87; Tracey Cullen 90 - 96; Margaret Curry 89; Pieter and Hilda DeKimpe 86-87, 89; Felicity Devlin 93; Mary Dillie 87; Bill Farrand 96; Rodney Fitzsimmons 93; Cheryl Floyd 86; Kirsten Gay 90-94; Christina Georgiou 90; Kevin Ginter 85-86; Mark Golden 84, 86; Kristen Hannold 87, 90; Reg Heron 85-87, 93, 94; Ans Hom 96, 97; Els Hom 90, 92-97; Olga Kalentzidou 91, 92; Sascha Kansteiner 89; Lia Karimalia 91-97; Donald Keller 84 - 97; Valerie Kinkade 87; Spencer Klein 86; Walter Klippel 90; Michael Knecht 89; Matthias Kopp 89) ; Cynthia Kosso 86-90, 92, 93, 95, 97; Peter Kosso 86-90, 92, 97; Mark Lancaster 93; Maria Liston 90; Camilla MacKay 90, 93; Marc Mancuso 93; Elizabeth Langridge Notis 92-97; Dimitra Papagianni 91; Bill Parkinson 90 - 93; Chip Pennington 86; Lisa Pintozzi 86, 87; Susan Predovic 92, 93; Terry Rahbek-Nielsen 86, 89; Roz and Eric Schneider 84-96; Lynn Snyder 90; Tom Strasser 86, 87; Daniel Strauch 89; James B. Summitt 93-94; Katie Sweet 88, 90; Laurie Talalay 93-96; Luis Tavares 94; Karen Vitalli 85-87, 93-94; Telis Vrailas 86, 88; Pamela Vreeland 86, 88, 90; Malcolm Wallace 84-97; Kim Webster 88; Jere Wickens 87.

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