"Pre-Modern" India Links

Many links on this page have been taken from Fordham's Internet History Sourcebook for India

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 Virtual Archives of Indic e-texts

 A good timeline of Indian history with an emphasis on Jainism (good links)

 Indian government's history page

OTHER LINKS (roughly organized by time )

 Indus Valley
 Horseplay in Harappa

 Vedas, an introduction
 Rig Veda Selections  Focus on the Purusha Hymn
 Sounds of the Vedas


India's Caste System  by Joe Elder
Laws of Manu -- Full Text
Laws of Manu: Caste Focus
Laws of Manu: Chapter Three
Madhu Kishwar on Manusmriti

Ramayana Page at Syracuse
Ramyana: Images and Maps
Lutgendorf on the Ramayanas

Malaiya's Jainism Page
 About Jainism

 Buddha: The Basics
 Buddha: The Middle Path
 Budhha Image: Gupta Era
 Buddhist tales
           The phony holy man
           The holy man who tried to be too holy
           Wisdom of Queen Tenderhearted
 map of the land in the time of the Buddha

 Mauryan Map

Arthashastra: Gender Issues
Arthashastra: Duties of a King
Arthashastra: Duties of a Wife

Ashokan Edicts

 Ashoka's Pillar: Image

 Gupta Empire Map

 Kalidasa: The recognition of Shakuntala

Little Clay Cart

Tales from Sanskrit Dramatists

Image: Dancing Shiva

 Ludden Misc. Links

 Qutab Minar and other Sultanate Archeolog Images

 Delhi Sultanate: A Chronology

 Islamic History to 1600: Global

 Amir Khusro website

 Kabir page

 Malaiya's Kabir page

 Eaton: Rise of Islam and the Bengal Frontier

Women and Islam

Thinkers of the Islamic World

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